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Venus in Furs describes the obsessions of Severin von Kusiemski, a European nobleman who desires to be enslaved to a woman. Severin finds his ideal of voluptuous cruelty in the merciless Wanda von Dunajew. This is a passionate and powerful portrayal of one man’s struggle to enlighten and instruct himself and others in the realm of desire. Published in 1870, the novel gained notoriety and a degree of immortality for its author when the word “masochism”—derived from his name—entered the vocabulary of psychiatry. This remains a classic literary statement on sexual submission and control.

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H. 17.8 cm ; W. 22.3 cm

Art critics and writers used to ask Rodin to let them attend posing sessions as a favour. The nude bodies of his models, and the occasionally ambiguous relationship between the sculptor and the young women, fed their own fantasies. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, who was excited by one of these “magnificent tigresses”, had acquired notoriety some years earlier with a semi-autobiographical novel called Venus in Furs, to which he alludes in this letter. It tells the story of a man dominated by a woman called Wanda, submitting to her every whim. Sacher-Masoch himself had this sort of relationship with his wife.


In 1873, he drew up a contract similar in form to the one Rodin signed for Camille Claudel in 1886. But while Rodin promised his love to Camille alone and Sacher-Masoch pledged to be Wanda’s slave,having given his wife his heroine’s name, the writer sought a form of humiliation quite alien to Rodin’s aspirations.  



«Cher Monsieur
je suis fier de votre amitié, car
elle me prouve que vous avez
trouvé dans mes oeuvres un peu
de cette vérité et de cette force
élémentaire que j’ai tant
admirées dans tout ce que


j’ai vu de vous. J’ai rêvé
la nuit de vos magnifiques
tigresses humaines, et j’en
rêve encore les yeux ouverts en
plein jour. C’est un peu le
type de ma Vénus aux
fourrures que je ne puis
vous offrir malheureusement
car elle n’a pas paru en


français. Le marbre et le
bronze s’animent sous vos
doigts, comme la terre sous
le souffle de Dieu, le sixième
jour de la Création.Vous avez
donné à cette Matière Morte
ce qui lui manquait depuis
Phidias, le mouvement
et la vie.


Je vous serre la main
encore une fois et vous
dis de tout mon coeur
Au revoir
Sacher Masoch»

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