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Each person makes different mistakes and gets different experiences in his life. However, each of us has one person who changed our lives. My mother is the most important person who always supported me and gave me good advice. My parents divorced when I was two years old. So, my mother took care of me. She had two jobs to be able to afford all our expenses . My mother gave me all her love and tried to make our life better. Also she was always a good friend to me. My mother taught me to be kind and helpful to other people. Mother's suggestions helped me to make good friends and be successful in my life. The most important event happened to me when I was three years old. I remember it very well. My mother took me to the beach. She asked me to wait for her on the coast until she swam. I didn't obey her and jumped into the water. When my mother went back to the coast, she didn't find me. Mother cried for help but nobody heard her. Suddenly, she saw my bathing cap over the water and caught me. Thank God she saved my life. I was very grateful to her. I was nine years old when I wanted to go to dance school. However, my mother wasn't able to afford my studies. I was very upset. Later was my birthday. All our family joined to celebrate my happy day. My mother presented the best gift in my life. She gave the me opportunity to start my dance lessons . I was very happy. Now I understand that my mother made the big efforts to realize my dream of dancing school. Then I went to camp during the summer season. One day our teachers organized a competition for all children at the camp. They decided to choose one person as the best dancer from all groups of children. So, the teachers invited the musicians to play music for our camp. My mother went to see my performance in the camp. I did modern dance. My movements were flexible and gave me the possibility to dance very easily. I spun, hooked and moved my arms. Eventually, I won this competition. I felt happy. My mother was very proud of me. I graduated from the school when I was seventeen years old. After that I was accepted by the National Academy of Law. My future major was law. However, I finished only four years of school because I moved to the United States. I arrived in May,2003. My mother stayed in the Ukraine. I miss her very much. My mother came to visit me for two months in the Summer,2004. I'm very sad because she is so far from me. My mother encouraged me to go to college in the United States. She always told me that an education is an important part of life. So, I took her words into account and entered Kingsborough Community College where my major is biology. My mother was glad to know about my choice. My mother has been most influential in my life. Before I make a serious decision, I always ask mother's opinion. My mother is my best friend. I love her very much. One day I believe that we will be together.

The most important in my life is my mother because she is really all I have, she is my motivation, and she helps me live through all my struggles. I wouldn’t be able now to enjoy this minute of my life writing this essay without my mother. My mother has brought me to this wonderful world. For nine months she carried me, she felt very bad, but did not refuse, and gave birth to me. My mom is the most positive and important influence on my life. Another reason why my mother is the most important person in my life is because she is always with me, when I’m happy and when I’m sad. She helps me with hard problems in my life, and she is glad for some good things I do. She helped me from the first, day I was born. She fed me; she didn’t sleep for many nights, only to make me comfortable.

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She went for walks with me, and was always with me. From the first grade of my school, she helped me with my homework; she taught me how to behave. In addition, my mother is the most important person in my life because I am who I am, because of my mom. She always tries to make me a better person. From childhood, she bought a lot of books for me to read. She bought some intellectual games and that kind of stuff; I study hard to make her happy. I want her to be proud of me. I want her to feel, as I am the best child in the world, and as she is the best mom.

I do everything for that. I behave myself very good in school, I don’t fight and I obey the rules. Unquestionably, my mother is the most important person in my life because she always supports me for my goals and ambitions, and that’s the key in pursuing my dream. My mother the most important individual in my life in fact that even though how many times we fight, she always makes me feel that I am the best gift she ever received from God. If I would have a chance to be born again, I would have chosen to be again her child. Child of the most important person in my life.

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